Week 52

Nothing ends Adrian. Nothing ever ends.
-Dr Manhattan

Week 522

The hardest part is right before the deadline
when you have to deliver the finale,
the amazing finish
that brings it all together.

Week 523

Is it good enough?
Did you say what you meant to say?

Week 524

The end is soon,
so very soon.

Week 525

It’s just around the next

Not Anymore






As she’s quickly but neatly
packing her clothes
he’s thinking about so much in love
and for so long.

Before she’s gone he admits
“Mistakes were made,
But was it all for nothing?”

And she’s gone after she says
“Not anymore.”

There’s No Such Thing as a Syrian


There’s no such thing as a Syrian;
the people clamoring for refuge
are not who they claim.

The truth is:
there’s no such thing as a Syrian,
or a refugee,
or a Christian.
There are only humans,
let there also be humanity.


When You Are Certain


It’s important at least once in your life
to be wrong about something
when you are certain.

Who you are
is only the sunrise
over everyone
you have the potential to be.

The Storms in Your Heart

A balloon, tied to a chair in an empty room, floats with a thunderstorm raging inside it.

Photo credits: Breno Machado, Florian Klauer and Jesse Gardner via Unsplash


Clouds dissipate but are never gone;
they’ll eventually gather again.
And so it is with the storms in your heart:
though hidden, they’re always within.

I’m proud to stand, to have endured;
for the moment I’ve conquered the threat.
Yet sometimes I fear that the best I can say
is it hasn’t defeated me yet.


A series of crossed-out attempts at romantic descriptive language on a page

I wish I could show her
how beautiful she is
when no one is watching.

Ah, the exquisite irony
of being a poet
in love with a woman
who is indescribably beautiful.

The Truth of Christmas Light Season

A prisoner sits in the dark, tied up by Christmas lights, playing a harmonica.

It is Christmas season
or, more relevantly,
Christmas light season.
I can remember packing them away
very carefully last year
in neat looping coils
but still I sit cross-legged on the floor
unknotting the requisite holiday cheer.
It is not clear yet
if everyone will make it home
but it’s important the house look magical
just in case.

The truth of Christmas light season is
no matter how careful you are
you can never untangle quite all the knots.

Two Things You Must Do to Be Happy

A very young boy sits with an anchor floating by a balloon string above him

There are only two things you must do to be happy.
The first is let go.

Let go of mistakes of yesterday;
even if you had lived perfectly
happiness is not found in the past.
Also let go of tomorrow,
the torments you build yourself
are worse than tomorrow’s troubles,
should they even arrive.

Once you have mastered letting go
you are ready for the next step.
There are only two things you must do to be happy,
and no one knows what the second one is.