21. All the Other Ways That You Can Be Kissed


A cartoon boy and girl kiss awkwardly on a picnic table in a sunlit grass clearing.

Photo credit Jake Givens via Unsplash.com

The first time I kissed you was on a backyard picnic on a warm day on a sunny patio. There was no nuanced romantic plan; I pretty much just blurted out a kiss and I remember I had a beer in my hand so I probably tasted like hops plus I made the strategic mistake of kissing you downwind of the grill and a well-meaning breeze wrapped us up in smoke and the smell of sizzling bratwurst. I was worried I’d ruined it all til I felt you smiling too and the point of all this isn’t that the kiss was bad but rather that I suspect we can do better and it’s fun to think about all our future kisses waiting to be discovered.

I want to kiss you on the street corners of everywhere and on mountaintops and during the times we are hidden from the world. And in time we will explore all of the other ways that you can be kissed.