11. Winter, Part 3:
Silent and Serene


A woman sits atop a tiny frozen planet in space, looking downward at a warm light with a faint smile on her face.

The lake is frozen solid, and no one is around it’s quiet and it’s peaceful, once snow is on the ground.

The children often played here before the fall of snow but I’ve come seeking solace to walk and think, alone.

Though some would find it dreary, and be driven home for fire the chill is strangely soothing to a soul that’s strained and tired.

The ice is clear as crystal, the trees, once verdant green are coated now in winter so silent and serene.

Beneath the snowy blanket the buried roots grow strong the leaves will grow new vibrance once winter has moved on.

You can’t prevent the winter or the weather that it brings but keep your spirit open for the coming of the spring.