A man alone on a sailboat looks at the moon on the horizon in a starlit night.

Happiness is not something you feel;
feelings can be taken from you
with the changing seasons.
Happiness is something you earn,
and now that I know that
I have only myself to blame.

Some men must conquer their masters
and some of us
must master ourselves.

Feety Pajamas

A girl dances and plays harmonica in a grocery store while wearing footie pajamas

It’s 11pm on a work night
and there is a little girl playing harmonica
in the grocery store.
As I am examining the avocados
the child triumphantly stomps up and down
in her feety pajamas
playing her music with Mozart-esque enthusiasm.
I have a coupon for forty cents off whole wheat spaghetti
and remembered to buy more dental floss
(even though I haven’t run out just yet),
but there is something in the harmonica serenade
that suggests I am only the second most prepared person the produce section tonight.

I want to grow up to be that child.

Until it Doesn’t

A giant gorilla holds an uprooted stop sign.

I can’t decide if the smartest or stupidest
thing anyone has said to me today
is “It isn’t a problem until it is.”

It’s not wrong exactly,
more like
so right that it’s meaningless;
a frozen thermometer
or most of philosophy.

Everything means something
until it doesn’t.

Everything is Aggregate

A dirty and worn pair of shoes

You don’t make a decision to run a marathon;
you make thousands
and thousands
of decisions
to run one more step.

And One Giant Leap For Mankind
was really a million steps
taken by a boy who loved the sky
enough to walk to the moon.

The times when you stumble
don’t matter as much
as the times you don’t.

Drinking in Oklahoma

Beer with foam in the shape of Oklahoma

The best worst years of my life
were drinking in Oklahoma.
My first hangover
had an endless string of siblings,
and when I feel like being honest
I admit that
I learned more from them
than my college degree,
which was also causing me headaches
during that era.

Some men need masters
and some of us must master ourselves.

You Are Only Given Two Lives

A syringe

I envy the junkies
and the addicts

An ashtray

and everyone else who has the specific comfort
of knowing precisely how they are destroying themselves.


The tragedy and the beauty of life is
it’s rarely the regret you expect to feel
that you actually will.


You are only given two lives;
the best one begins
when you realize it’s the only one.



A young couple can be seen silhouetted and locked in a kiss in the cabin of a pickup truck. On the back is a bumper sticker that reads "vote mighty for life."

The time you spend is how you vote
for how your life should be.
So often I vote for Dwelling Regret
when I could be voting Mighty.

Two Things


Everyone you ever meet