Nothing ends Adrian. Nothing ever ends. -Dr Manhattan The hardest part is right before the deadline when you have to deliver the finale, the amazing finish that brings it all together. Is it good enough? Did you say what you meant to say? The end is soon, so very...

There’s No Such Thing as a Syrian

There’s no such thing as a Syrian; the people clamoring for refuge are not who they claim. The truth is: there’s no such thing as a Syrian, or a refugee, or a Christian. There are only humans, let there also be humanity.  ...

When You Are Certain

It’s important at least once in your life to be wrong about something when you are certain. Who you are is only the sunrise over everyone you have the potential to be.


I wish I could show her how beautiful she is when no one is watching. Ah, the exquisite irony of being a poet in love with a woman who is indescribably beautiful.

The Truth of Christmas Light Season

It is Christmas season or, more relevantly, Christmas light season. I can remember packing them away very carefully last year in neat looping coils but still I sit cross-legged on the floor unknotting the requisite holiday cheer. It is not clear yet if everyone will...