Nothing ends Adrian. Nothing ever ends. -Dr Manhattan The hardest part is right before the deadline when you have to deliver the finale, the amazing finish that brings it all together. Is it good enough? Did you say what you meant to say? The end is soon, so very...

What it Really Means to Be Smart

Sometimes I like to congratulate myself on how intelligent I am because I understand (a little bit) about astrophysics and I don’t have to pay anyone to change the oil in my car but I’m rarely as happy as Duke is when he finishes a refreshing drink out of the toilet...

The Things We Orbit

steady glow of the moon
veiled by clouds of tonight
you are how I feel

do you even notice us crowded poets
slaving to describe you
in ways abstract and beautiful
so recent our arrival
and the vapors of our ecosystem
not the only clouds
over our heads
we too go largely unnoticed
except by the things we orbit
the universe is us
and let us never forget
as we pen our sonnets about the stars
that beautiful as the night is
between the clouds
there is even more starlight during the day
although it too
must sometimes struggle
through the clouds