About This Project

Design in Quotes is a weekly blog by brothers Josh and Micah Collinsworth, which will feature one post a week (on Sundays) for a full year. It began in December 2014.

Every week, Micah, a writer living in Oklahoma City, submits a piece of his writing—of any style, length or content—to Josh, a graphic designer residing in Omaha. Josh then creates some kind of original design or illustration to accompany that text. The entire creation is then turned into that week’s post, and the whole cycle begins again.

Each brother is completely free to create anything he wants to each week; the only parameter is that there must be a post each week, and that the two pieces must be in some way relevant to one another. Neither brother has any input of any kind in the other’s contribution; each is free to submit a work of any size, length, meaning, content or effort.

This project was undertaken as a creative exercise between the two brothers in order to sharpen their creative skills and to engage in the discipline of regular weekly creative output.


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